Alita on the Dancefloor

Alita on the Dancefloor

May 1, 2020

Porn Music Videos (PMVs) are a creative way of compiling porn videos with music, typically matching the flow of the music and the beat, and often with fancy visual effects. I really enjoy the creativity that goes into them, and seeing the personality that people choose to present through it, and it’s the only way I can really enjoy traditional/regular porn anymore, as I find it too kind of slow/tame for me otherwise, given how much I’m exposed to -crazy shit-.

But I really enjoy PMVs, especially because they’re great at 420, and I really wanted to get involved as well and try it out for myself, just to see what I could put together, and went for something a bit disorientating and trippy visually! I only really had a couple of days to focus on this before getting back to work, and it was my first attempt at something like this, so there’s no visual effects and it’s got some minor sync issues, but I didn’t want to get caught up obsessing over it forever, so here it is!

I also decided to release it for the World PMV Games because why not?! I discovered that the contest was going on while I was making it, and the rules had opened up to encourage people to join in, so let’s go for it, bitches!

Watch the full video here or below 🙂


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