All Dressed Up & Nowhere To Go

All Dressed Up & Nowhere To Go

June 10, 2020

An elven vampire from long ago became a danger to even the witches within Samhein Estate, and could no longer be trusted with her powerful magic, erratic behavior and desire to cause terror in all around her. Before she could become a threat to the “innocent” witches of the mansion, she was safely secured in a hexed cell, left alone where she would only become more wild and dangerous over time, locked in her gorgeously dressed solitude.

The scariest thing, to all the other witches, was that the longer the elvamp was locked in the cell, the more manic and happy she appeared to be. What she could possibly be thinking of that keeps her so energised in her beautiful bondage? Whatever it is, it can’t possibly be good for anyone outside that cell…


This illustration was done as part of a multistream with SweetSchoolgirl where we got on stream together and randomly picked out some reference pictures. We both used the same two pictures, and the idea was to draw whatever we felt like, as long as it drew inspiration from those two pictures, so the viewers could watch our diverging thoughts on the process, and we could compare the end results :)

Here is SweetSchoolgirl ‘s final illustration for the challenge! I feel like we both centred around the themes of crazy/classy pretty well, but we had different ratios for each it seems, with her going much more for a classy and in control tone, and a real focus on the elegant outfit with just a twist of sinister !
A lady and her pet by SweetSchoolgirl

Here are the references we both used:
Crazy Gorgeous by PixelJail

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Strait Jacket, Prison, Classy, Piercings
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