Bride of the Red Lillies

Bride of the Red Lillies

August 13, 2021

Includes 2 versions: clean, and bloody

Long before Serena took over what is now known as Misery Manor, the estate used to be known as the Deathless Manor, and inhabited by coven of White Witches. What most of them got up to was somewhat a mystery to the local town, as they mostly kept to themselves and offered no trouble to those beyond its walls.

One, however, who spend her life fascinated with love, commitment, connection, and took issue with the phrase “till death do us part”. The coven of deathlessness, she became obsessed with solving this contradiction in her ideologies.

Corrupted. Ruined.

Whatever she did so, so long ago has been long forgotten. Whatever path she took, whatever made her what she now is, is irrelevant this long later.

She still mostly keeps to herself. Until there’s a wedding in Samhein.

Bouquet of Chopped Off Cocks n Balls, Bride
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