July 26, 2020

Both of our Patrons got early access to these pics, as well as the alt versions!

Includes three versions: My sketch, finished by each of us, and Rooks sketch, finished by me.

This is an artstyle swap between myself and Rook-07. For this, we each drew a sketch and then swapped the sketch to the other to ink and finish, creating a weird mix of both of our styles in one character. We did this on a multistream as well and chatted about the struggles while we did it, and confused the watchers who couldn’t keep up with who they were actually watching! 😛

I also finished the sketch I drew (before I swapped it to Rook, so that we both finished the sketch blind from each other) since I thought it would make a cool contrast to also see the exact same sketch finished by both of us, and how we could compare them. I’ve made an interactive slider for this, so you can really contrast them up close! 😀

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