Cult of Starlight Screams

Cult of Starlight Screams

January 22, 2020

Patrons got early access and previews to this drawing at least a week before the public?! Woah gurrrrl! :D

I’ll be using this as a cover image for a new setting I’ll be working on: Starlight Screams!

This setting will cover a fiendish torture cult who have control of a fortress that sits outside of time, giving them access to technology, time, space, and as many victims as they could ever want to get their hands on! The Cult is depraved, sadistic, ruthless, and everywhere!

The setting will be hard bdsm with heavy metals, machines, tech, and involve predicaments and tortures, sometimes including interesting sci-fi stuff, like time travel. I’ve not got much already created for it, but there’ll be more coming out soon, and hopefully it could be an interesting contrast to Samhein Estate, the magic and haunted house style setting And for people who liked my old works which were more elaborate, convoluted and intense, this should be for you! The setting is basically my attempt to include a space in my current production schedule to get back to the type of illustrations that I started with, and that many of you follow me for (I’ve been getting requests for a while now, and I’m sorry it’s taken so long to bring this back to life!)


Sci-Fi, Contortion, Magic Hair
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