Dakota in the Skye with Diamonds

Dakota in the Skye with Diamonds

November 12, 2020

Includes 2 versions: Static and Original Ref Layover Animation

I did some fanart of  Dakota Skye ( @dakota_skyexxx ) while experimenting with paintover aesthetics to see what kind of visuals I could come up with, while really focusing on things like bringing up big colours…and cocks?!

Also included the original ref with the paintover laid over and animated transitioning between the two. The intention behind this pic was to really keep an element of the photo underneath and make it feel clear that it was definitely based on a picture, but also feel far away enough from it that it doesn’t just feel like an airbrushed photo. This was mostly experimental with only small changes, but long-term it could be fun to see what more could really be added or pushed with this concept, including finding ways to factor this into PMVs.

Fanart, Rule34, Makeup, Facial
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