Doctor Rook’s Deathtrap

Doctor Rook’s Deathtrap

September 30, 2021

Heini might have met her match at last, with Dastardly Doctor Rook’s Direly Deadly Deathtrap! There’s just -no way- she can possibly escape. And he’s so sure of that, that he’s going to turn his back for a few…

Rook-07 has been pretty instrumental in the naughty careers of myself and PyperHaylie, and has supported us, motivated us, taught us, and I love that I get to work nearby someone like him. I’m finally starting to feel like I can manage all of this 🙂

We wanted to give him a wee show of our love for him in the best way we know how: an Artstyle Swap between us, with his OC Heini, suffering kinks we know he likes to inflict too!

Artstyle Swap: Pyper and I each drew a rough sketch of Heini in position. We then traded them and finished off each others sketch in our own lines and colours.

Water, Deathtrap, Artstyle Swap, Heini, Rook, PyperHaylie
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