Deep Down the Well

Deep Down the Well

December 28, 2019

These sketches are both Deviant Patron rewards! Deviant Patrons get a single-char free sketch each month! Wow! :D

Includes two images: Down the Well, and Deeper Down the Well.

At the Samhein Estate there is a deep well with no water at the bottom. The primordial soup there has taken on magical properties instead, after many years warping in and out of reality with the Witches’ Estate. It has, over a long time, evolved from goo into a blubbery betentacled monster. Every time on the Estate someone is forced to orgasm against their will, the creature in the well evolves a fraction more. Slightly thicker goo. Marginally longer tentacles. So far away from the action, the magical goop can only magically absorb on enough to evolve very, very small amounts at a time. But then again, the Estate is forever full of slaves, and forever full of pain, and forever full of forced orgasms. The goo is patient. The goo is not in a rush. And the goo…well, after many years of evolving, it also now needs fed!

The Witches have been happy to oblige, by sending the occasional slave down the well. They never have gone down to find out what actually happens to them though, but they are sure that confused and muffled human noises can sometimes be heard echoing up through the well.

However, out of reach and sight down the well, it seems that the creature is not quite yet ready to feed on the victimes. Instead, it prefers to take control of the forced orgasms itself, taking away the tributes and applying its orgasm-borne tentacles to them in a way they never knew was even physically possible. Survival isn’t a question this deep down the well, the monster has no intentions of killing the people there, but no normal life awaits them either.


Tentacles, Breast Suspension
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