Hot Plate Pressure

Hot Plate Pressure

October 27, 2019

A “Devious Patron” reward sketch, which got upgraded to a finished illustration~

The unnamed redhead is put into an extremely tricky predicament! She is held in place at the thighs and elbows by steel wires, holding her very tightly to the bars behind her. Whips are constantly spinning from the sides, raising up and down unpredictably, and from directly in front of her, swinging upwards! The only way to get these whips to stop is to hold down on all four pressure plates, one at each of her hands and feet. Pressing them does stop the whips almost immediately, but it also triggers the plates beginning to heat up! She can avoid the whips for as long as she can hold onto the plates, but between her bare hands and thin metal heels, she can only hold on for so long. And the longer she holds on, the hotter they get, which means they take longer to cool down while she’s being whipped again. How long can she last under this intense situation, which only seems to get more complicated the longer she waits?!


Guro, Bondage,, Predicament, Redhead
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