Misadventures of a Soldier #4

Misadventures of a Soldier #4

August 27, 2020

This commission was available to Subscribers and Patrons as early access deep in the dungeons, along with so much more naughty….sorry uhm…the story, right! ūüėÄ

The Doctor used her¬†eldritch technology¬†to bring Alex, the soldier back to life, and install a few¬†“enhancements”¬†on her body along the way.

The Doctor found all sorts of ways to abuse¬†Alex’s new modifications¬†and make the simplest tasks as¬†teasingly tormentful¬†as imaginable.¬†This predicament in the library with a skeletal torment outfit has left Alex furiously overpleasured after her torturous denial on the treadmill…