Misadventures of a Soldier #5

Misadventures of a Soldier #5

September 26, 2020

This commission was available to Subscribers as early access deep in the dungeons, along with so much more naughty….sorry uhm…the story…right! 😀

The Doctor used her eldritch technology to bring Alex, the soldier back to life, and install a few “enhancements” on her body along the way.

Alex seems to have been turned into a mana pylon, with her breasts able to produce magical milk, easily harvestable! She’s been introduced to nympho Keira, who hasn’t even considered the option Alex may be there against her will, although with the Doctor quietly hiding that and making Alex’s life harder than ever, Keira never had a reason to ask…


Dildos, Amputee, Milking, Toys
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