Molli, DJ of the Dead

Molli, DJ of the Dead

September 24, 2021

Illustration – Samhein Estate

The Relentless Rave in Samhein are undead dancers in the dark who just never stop, never die, never end the party. When the lights fade, the UV lights take over and their colourful outfits and paints bring life to a party without a heartbeat.

But this is all lead by the music of Molli, the DJ of the Dead. When she became deaf, she made a dark deal to restore her hearing and continue her life of music. The catch though, was that now she can hear everything nearby her all at once, including from thru the void. Overwhelmed by the sheer and terrifying noises, she did what she knows best: drowns it out with a party that never dies!

Sweet Dreams, Molli x