Nightmare Preacher

Nightmare Preacher

September 20, 2021

This pic was inspired by the story Time Waits, by Darinost 🙂

Most victims of the Starlight Cult are whisked away to the Citadel and slowly tortured, their screams drawn out over time.

The Nightmare Preacher, however, prefers something more specific, more intimate, more personal.

Travelling to Earth all across time and finding you sleeping at night, they inflict brutal, intense tortures with the most shock and terror they can think of. By the end of the night, as you barely draw breath, the Preacher shares with you the message of Starlight and rewinds time to the start of the evening.

You wake up, a nightmare unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. You know what happened was real. You’ll never forget what you felt or saw and how it will affect you for the rest of your life. A terrifyingly divine night, with no evidence for you or anyone else to ever confirm, that the Cult of Screams is out there, and that no one can ever be safe.

A life-changing nightmare of agony.

Sweet Dreams x

Time Travel, Fisting, Nightmare, Intruder
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