Rebecca’s Bedroom

Rebecca’s Bedroom

April 15, 2020

Patrons got early access to this Commission! How sneaky of them! :O

Includes two images: Three Days Later, & Many More Days Later

Rebecca has been abducted! She doesn’t know who by, or how many people were involved. She’s only seen the one person so far, and the inside of this dingy cell she’s trapped in. She was strung up on the first day, left mostly where she is, but with a spreader bar and pulled into a painfully high strappado, and then told that this is her new bedroom. Terrified at what that could mean, the door was closed and she was left to wait and find out.

And over the days and weeks to come, she really did find out that this dark cell was her new home.





Slider, Strappado, Cell, Dirty
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