Room with a View

Room with a View

November 19, 2020

Resha was desperately trying to escape Misery Manor, but struggled with an armbinder, a painful chastity belt and a spiked dangling lock that hurt her legs on every step.

She couldn’t face any challenge to escape out the door, so went upstairs to find a window. She was confident she could make a jump, even with the torturous heels strapped to her. But when she found a balcony to jump from, it seemed as if she was ten stories high!

The Manor itself seems to play with you, shifting and warping itself at every turn, confusing and losing you, defying the very reality around it. Escaping it is more of a challenge than simply getting away from the witches.

The Manor itself will make you face your fears.

Bondage Gear, Heights, Scenic, Torture
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