Sacrifice to the Beast

Sacrifice to the Beast

July 20, 2021

This was a subscriber reward ūüôā

She thought she was the lucky one, the only survivor of the plane crash, and a small civilisation nearby to seek shelter. She thought she was lucky, until they decided that her crashing from the skies made her the best person to sacrifice to the Beast.

This picture was fun to put together, as the commissioner was cool with¬†me using their pic as a test subject for some experimentation.¬†I use a¬†similar process with my partner¬†for my SFW work (using pixel art animations) and I thought that since¬†we already have the collaborative pipeline,¬†it could be cool to try and bring that along into the NSFW illustrations, and¬†create some 2Din3D scenes.¬†This picture seemed like¬†a great pic to start from,¬†being based in the¬†forest and with a looming shadow hovering over her.¬†I’ll keep experimenting a bit with this process, and¬†this could soon become an option¬†for commissions and things that really benefit from a sense of the¬†3D environment ūüôā

Sweet Dreams x

Sacrifice, Air Hostess, 2.5D
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