Serena the Witch

Serena the Witch

October 18, 2019

Serena is a witch of the Kinktober Coven, a group of magical evil-doers with a bloodlust second to none. They use their twisted magical powers for nothing but selfish, hedonistic, sadistic and often murderous desires, trying to satisfy a seemingly relentless need for torture porn in the most inventive and twisted ways they can conceive.

Serena, a happy-go-lucky witch with a smile always on her face (it seems she’s always enjoying herself…) owns the Kinktober Mansion, a magical estate conjured and used exclusively as a place to funnel in torture slaves and have endless fun tormenting and sexually torturing them for as long as they last!

Don’t take her smile and the fact that she likes you as a sign that you’re safe, though! You never know when she might decide she likes you enough to want to “enjoy” you in her own deviant way!





OC, Non-Bondage, SFW
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