Starlight Servant

Starlight Servant

March 17, 2020

This illustration was made based on a Patreon Suggestion! Who else would like to hold power over me? :D

In the Starlight Temple, the robotic Servants are a testament to the suffering that exists in every hall and room. The Servants are fully automated and capable of understanding, responding to, and carrying out a huge variety of tasks. There is no real need for the slaves to be there, other than for the amusement of whoever is being assisted by the Servants. Many of the Servants are able to consume and advance themselves using both mechanical and biological parts found within the temple and outlying areas, and can become extremely intelligent and capable of many things. They are often found carrying completely limbless slaves as their decoation piece. This, of course, is only further amusement for the cultists within the temple, as these poor slaves are completely unable to protect or defend themselves from the Servants, should the instruction be to torture the slave!


Mech, Amputee, Helpless
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