The Buried Don’t Die

The Buried Don’t Die

June 15, 2020

Includes 3 versions: Clear, Spiders, and Buried.

The Samhein Graveyard is enchanted: it’s the one place on the whole estate where you are completely safe from death. Of course, this is considered more of a curse than a gift…

This illustration was made as part of a 420 three-way multistream with myself, PyperHaylie, and SweetSchoolgirl. The viewers selected about 50 random images they liked and we randomly grabbed 3 of them, then we each made an illustration based on whatever aspects of all three of those pictures that we liked. I was drawn to the box in pic1, the pose in pic2, and the heavy slabs in pic3.



Buried Alive, Coffin, Spiders, Claustrophobia, Spikes
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