Throne of Victory

Throne of Victory

December 26, 2021

Illustration – Commission
Guro – Monster Girl – Torture

Vassandra was not the demon you’d expect to be ruling the Underlands. Usually bold, terrifying demons, muscle-bound and roaring would be the most feared rulers. But Vassandra had one skill no other demon could match her on: her vicious and hungry sadism. Not only did she torture her victims relentlessly into insanity, but she knew how to best show it off.

All her victims, all her challengers, all of those who had tried to face her and failed, were lined up in the Hall of Victory, a choir of screams giving warning to anyone who approached her, an echoing and terrifying message.

No one ever risks challenging Vassandra, not when they see so plainly and viscerally what will happen to them should they fail.

Sweet Dreams, Vassandra x


Demon, Nun, Amputee, Monster Girl
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