Treadmill Torment

Treadmill Torment

January 25, 2022

Commission – Illustration

Pinkie used to be a crossroads demon, making deals and trades with helpless people. So helpless, that she had no problem tricking and humiliating. Twisting their wishes against them, degrading them, and ruining them. She had no shame or regret, and loved the power she felt by collapsing the lives of the worthless humans that begged her for salvation. This is what her life used to be like. She doesn’t even remember what her name was before she was called Pinkie.

Now things are different. She was summoned by some desperate fool and tried to trick him. But in her arrogance she never realised she was the one being tricked. She found herself locked in a pocket dimension, bound in a painful treadmill torment. A piercing predicament while forced to watch infinite mirrors and reflections of herself. Humiliated, debased, insulted. A fierce, terrifying demon with the power of wishes at her control, reduced to some pink slutty painslut. Pathetic and helpless in this realm, every step she took gave her captor more power to use in the real world. He was feeding off of her, using her magic for his own desires, and forever ensuring that Pinkie stays trapped.

Trapped forever at his mercy.

Sweet Dreams, Pinkie x


Demon, Treadmill, Latex, Heels, Piercings
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