Alicia, GlitterSlut

Name: Alicia Colorati
Age: 26
Sex: Female
Sexual Preferences: None

Alicia is an adventurous party girl, instagrammer, and camgirl. She has little to no interest in actual sexual activity, but is an extreme exhibitionist more than happy to tease, flaunt her body, and let the online crowds enjoy and adore her colourful outfits and personality. She’s not shy at all and very happy to go wild and enjoy herself.

While exploring and swimming one day along the coastline she came across a mysterious Djinn who appeared to grant wishes in exchange for valuable items. She had only her swimming outfit on her back and was only offered a series of wishes related to what she offered. Against the Djinn’s expectations, she chose the relatively harmless wishes of being able to magically transform her hair and clothes instantly, and at will. She made this choice as it would be the most fun thing she could do, and fit perfectly within her modelling and aesthetics-driven lifestyle. Her instagram and camgirl world now blowing up more than ever before, the magical colourful tease!


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