Name: Charlie Pearce
Age: 34
Sex: Female
Sexual Preferences: Bisexual

By day Charlie works in a regular old office job, while having a kinky relationship with her boss, Monique.
By night though, Charlie is a private detective. After turning 30 she decided she wanted to break into the profession, but felt beginning the formal education and training would set her back too long, and decided to jump in the deep end and learn on the job, aided by lots of useful knowledge she learnt from her mother.

Very much into health & fitness, Charlie loves to exercise, work on her combat skills, and keep her body both strong and sexy. She loves showing off her ass and legs with short skirts and her signature knee high boots.

Her prime criminal target, The Underground, are an organisation she has been a constant thorn in the side for, and who have recently taken a very keen interest in her, due to all the problems she’s been causing them.

Character Creator:



She’s a hard worker, a great lover, but tends to cancel last minute. Where could she be this time?

The Underground

She likes to think she’s as deadly as she is sexy, but she’s not. We’ve checked!

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