Tara, Teen Fire

Kara, Teen Frost

Names: Kara & Tara Bishop (aka Teens Fire & Frost)
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Sexual Preferences: Bicurious

Sisters who had both been young models, eventually accidentally finding themselves each in possession of magical space gems which granted them superpowers. The gems would give them incredibly durable superhero outfits which could withstand incredible duress, as well as morph into shape to keep them covered, and even granting psychic powers and control over fire and frost respectively. The powers came with a slight setback though, that it would also increase their sexual sensitivities, making them incredibly vulnerable to sexual deviant supervillains who enjoy seeing them squirm against an array of dangerous and deadly predicaments that would kill normal humans.

Character Creator:


The Twins

We will survive, we will escape, and we will cum after you!