Name: Lindsey Carmichael
Age: 27
Sex: Female
Sexual Preferences: Men

Shy and nerdy, Lindsey was never one for parties, crowds, or people in general. She much preferred to stay inside watching anime, coding, and playing video games. So of course the one night she decides to let her hair down and go out to a bar, she forgets to keep an eye on her drink. The next morning a very groggy and confused Lindsey wakes up not safe in her bed, but very much unsafe in The Manor.

It doesn’t take very long for them to realize just how shy Lindsey is and tailor her torment to be a bit more public and a bit more interactive, in addition to the same levels of pain and suffering we can expect from them. Will all this attention force her to get over her shyness or will it just make her shrivel up even more? Only time will tell and she is going to be here for a long, long time…

Character Creator:



Oh, the redhead? Yeah she doesn’t get to talk much, they tend to “keep her quiet”…

Have you seen Lindsey?