Olivia the Librarian

Names: Olivia Libriamo
Age: 31
Sex: Female
Sexual Preferences: Men (but sadistic towards women)

Olivia is a librarian who developed a fascination reading about both engineering and adult fiction. Over time she grew obsessed in her quiet library with her new fascinations, and with the peace and time she had she learnt quickly, and her desires grew darker and more insidious. It didn’t take long before she wound up coming across others with similar fetishes, and found herself in a darker, more criminal world, rubbing shoulders with actual villains of the city. With her enthusiasm, intelligence, and ability to put her concepts into practice, she quickly became somewhat of a villain herself, and began acting our her twisted fantasies by constructing devious and twisted predicament tortures, bondages, and torturous devices. She started by capturing regular victims at first, but found they broke too easily for her whims, and moved onto working out how to capture heroes, and eventually found herself able to capture and torture the endlessly tough Teens Fire & Frost!


Just wait till you hear my story!

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