Rave Sisters

Name: Summer Rave and Winter Rave
Age: 29 and 31
Sex: Female
Sexual Preferences: Heretoflexible

Summer and Winter Rave are party going sisters who love the life of the rave. They want the darkest and deepest clubs and places to dance in, just so they can bring out their flourescent and UV outfits, colours, paints, glowsticks and light up the show. If there’s one thing they love, it’s being the centre of everyone’s attention.

But they do like the clubs, the illegal raves, the deep dances and can be hard to find or keep up with, they’re always on the move looking for the next great sesh. Finding them at a club can be hard, although an archive of their exploits can be found by joining the Dungeon!


When it gets too hot in the summer we can take it all off and dance the night away!


When it gets too cold in the winter we can warm ourselves by up dancing the night away!