Serial Comics

Collaboration setting an commissions with Anon

Tags: Guro, Action, Slapstick, Kinky

Collaboration with Lilian_Tanver (Script-writer) 

Tags: Fantasy, Fetish, Comedy, Romance, Action

Standalone Comics

Tags: Comedy, Comic Violence, Gore

Tags: Fantasy, Comedy, Nudity, Adventure

Tags: Backstory, Magical Girl, Fun

Warning: Flashing Images!

Tags: Kinky, Horror, Romance, BDSM, Monsters

Tags: Collaboration, Monster, Horror, Magic

Tags: Chase, Horror/Comedy

Tags: Fantasy, Furry, Anal

Retro Comics

Tags: Mysterious, Bondage, Slaves

Tags: Kidnap/Capture, Bondage, Peril

Tags: Kidnap/Capture, Bondage

Tags: Slavery, Prison, Bondage

Tags: Team Rocket, Kidnap/Capture, Struggle, Bondage

Tags: Kidnap/Capture, Bondage

Tags: Magic, Bondage

Tags: Bondage, Auction

Tags: Bondage, Peril