Story of Shadows

Commission for MihoshiK
(Note: Miho created the story, the second character, and wrote the text. All I’ve really done here is put the pieces together, design the dress (super fun) and animate everything. This comic is great fun, but it’s really thanks to Miho!)

Please give this page a bit of time to load

This project is a kinky romantic horror animated comic. It takes place as a direct continuation of the Pit of Silence predicament scenario, in which an innocent pokemon fangirl is subjected to a perilous predicament above a pit of sinister Shadows, kept at bay only by the light atop the pit. This is the story of what happens to her when that flight flickers just a bit too much…

Warning: Flashing Images!

Seriously, most of the images below are animated and contain heavy amounts of flashing. If you are epileptic or think you might have an adverse reaction to flashing images, please don’t scroll down. If you’d like to see the comic still, feel free to get in touch with me and I can see about putting together a flashless or static version of the comic 🙂