Porn Music Videos

What are PMVs? Porn Music Videos!

These are made out of live-action scenes, so now’s your chance to leave if you have no interest in checking out actual pornography here and prefer illustrations, stories and animations.

I’m posting this page here as it is something I’m working on as a side exploration into video editing and exploring different techniques, softwares, tools, and applications for my art. It’s also a fun other way to explore a different side of kinks and porn that’s a few steps away from the typically more extreme, bondage, and worldbuilding focused content I usually create.

I’ve been leaving notes on my thoughts and process through each video. I’m not super sure why, I guess a bit of a development diary is kind of interesting to do just as I’m going along. I’m usually bad at tracking and saving process of my work as I tend to binge quickly, but since videos are so much slower to make and get much less of my time, it’s easier to stop and breathe and note down what the fuck I’m actually doing!

I hope you enjoy this weird departure from my usual content! Be warned that this is all NSFW, contains music, porn noises, fast-cuts and sometimes…

flashing images!

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Cockstrukk – World PMV Games 2020 Entry, Katy Perry, Composition

Watermelon Sugar – Emoji, Girl/Girl Pussy Licking

Sweet Dreams are Made of Bowsette – Cosplay, Girl/Girl, Illustrations VFX

Proof of Concept: Illustrated Videos – Microvid, Illustration VFX Test

We Are Attention Whores – Collab

Three Best Friends – Splitscreen, Anal

Sweater Weather – Collab

Let Me Think About Lati & Selvaggia – Technical Experiments

I Can’t Take a Tease – Microvid, 8MB Challenge

Alita on the Dancefloor – World PMV Games 2020 Entry, Composition, Anal

Cockstrukk – World PMV Games 2021 (Theme: Katy Perry)

Stars: Veruca James (feat Gabriella Paltrova)
Starstrukk – 3OH3! (feat Katy Perry)

This is my entry for the World PMV Games for 2021. I didn’t really have any time to make this and wasn’t going to submit any tbh (I was thinking of submitting Watermelon Sugar if I never got a chance to make another one) but on the days leading up to the submission deadline I was forced to take a few days off of my regular work to take a mental break. I thought it’d be a cool chance to do some fun creative stuff non-work, and this was a cool opportunity to see what I could get made in a time limit!

I picked Starstrukk pretty quickly, but the video idea was a mess at first. I was going to do it was a reverse gangbang/orgy video with a lot of girls at first to fit the theme of the song, but I realised really quickly that it was just going to take too long to line up all the video clips in a way I liked (I cannae help but want to make composition continuous where possible) so I needed another idea. I realised that Veruca James (in one of the videos I was using) was the girl I was using to line up next to Katy Perry and when I started thinking I just need to get more videos of her (which would abandon the “orgy” theme) I was like fuck it let’s just make the theme Katy Perry!

The dynamic borders was pretty much a response to all the zooms and rotations I had to do to line up the shots with the Starstrukk video (which I didn’t really change underneath it all) but I wound up going harder on it, liking how it kept the focus on her/their faces. I was planning on just having big pink punky scribbles and things everywhere but I took the chance to get some diagetic noise bubbles in there, smth I really fucking love seeing but never get a chance to do. I think that might be the feature on my next PMV.

Watermelon Sugar High

Stars: Antonia Sainz, Paula, Chloe Temple, Lily Larimar, Aislin, Amira Adara, Azazai, Carter Cruise, Milana May, Alyssa Reece, Emma Starletto, Scarlett Sage, Sabina Rouge, Evelyn Claire, Maya Kendrick, Alina Lopez
(visual credits roll at end of video)
Watermelon Sugar – BB Team Edit

I mean, the whole song is just about eating pussy, it’s so obvious, and on the nose, and full of bubbly fun and energy, and made me think of the watermelon emoji while listening. I felt there was a way to combine all this together, in a dumb, colourful, bubbly PMV with just a clear single topic: emoji!

I was pretty busy while I had this idea, the only reason I did it at all was because I thought it had been a while since I made an edit and that I could make it pretty quickly with just the simple emoji images and being okay with reusing cuts pretty often. I’m not sure how much porn ppl are going to find in a video with deliberately distracting emoji anywyas, so I just wanted to make it more cute and fun than anything 🙂

Sweet Dreams are made of Bowsette

Stars: Purple Bitch, Alice Bong
Sweet Dreams (Silvia Dias, Higheffect – Klass Remix)

After the very short Aria Alexandaer proof of concept with illustrations, I was pretty convinced that something cool could be made out of this. I decided I needed to make a full video as a real proof of concept, to really see if it works across a whole video and not just in shortform concept.

It started coming together really fast. I realised that cosplayers would be a great way to blend live-action and illustration, as cosplayers are already referencing off of illustrated mediums, so doing paintovers of them would feel more natural, as well as providing a great colour palette and more visual interest to work from. I picked Sweet Dreams since I fucking love this remix, and I thought that the idea of dreams would help create another kind of ethereal layer across the song to help sell the effect better.

It wound up coming out better than I had even planned, and feels like a real video rather than just a proof of concept. I guess you can see where I was a bit lost and working things out, but I took the chance to explore a lot of different concepts and applications of illustrations, as well as trying to include a lot of the stuff I had learnt until now. Between various splitscreens, timing and motion, as well as factoring moans and sounds into the video in a way I’m pretty chuffed with, I feel like this PMV really tied together everything I’ve been working on so far.

On another note, it was reassuring to be able to find a way to apply my preference for quickcut, rapid beat PMVs to scenes of a different, slower nature. I was a bit worried I’d be locked into a type of scene I didn’t find the most exciting, possibly just because quickcut LegalPorno PMVs were how I was introduced to the genre. I hadn’t seen many PMVs work with quickcuts that weren’t more rapid action in the scenes, but I really feel like this video managed to take calmer scenes and make them feel appropriate to the beatmatching and music, without completely dismissing the atmosphere of the source scene.

Proof of Concept: Illustrated PMVs

Stars: Aria Alexander
Keep it Goin (Deorro, Danny Avila)

This is just a super quickie video, as I wanted to test out an idea I had about applying some recent paintover illustration experiments into live-action PMVs. I had no plans to animate the paintovers, but felt that it could have a place in motion videos, so wanted to make a quick video to just test if it was even worth exploring. MTSC suggested animating the backgrounds as well to help make it feel more in place and by the time I made this I was pretty convinced I wanted to explore the concept further.

Collaboration: We Are Attention Whores

Collaborators: Limonata, DigitalFiend, Neweyecam
Stars: Jessi Empera, unknown, sorry!
Attention Whore (Deadmau5, Melleefresh – Phil Chanel Remix)
My Edits: (start-0.33), (4.14-4.52), (5.45-end)

Limonata had suggested working on a collaboration jam PMV, and it took a while to get off the ground, but we got there. It went a bit slower, as with more people who were busier, it wound up taking much longer to get finished, so my edits in this vary a lot. I also made a massive fuckup at one point and accidentally edited to the wrong section entirely on one of my turns, but I liked the edit and never realised until I was finished, so I kept my edit in place and screwed up the order! It’s okay tho lol

This followed a similar plan as we used in Sweater Weather (which actually took the plan from this collab, as suggested by Limonata) which was to pick a song between us and use whichever scenes we had available to us, and do what felt right by the time it arrived to us. Given the song is about stripping and teasing, that seems to been the recurring theme between the edits. I never actually realised the song was about stripping until it came up in conversation halfway through the song, but I made the first edit and it was a striptease, so I guess it worked out!

My edits varied a lot through this as they were weeks apart, but I liked taking the chance to again just try out some short and sweet things on small edits and with scenes I’ve not used before. In this case (at least my first and third edits) I really wanted to make a visual theme about being unable to avoid Jessi’s face as she stripped, demanding your attention stay on her and the camera being constantly shifting to her eyes.

Three Best Friends

Stars: Lita Phoenix, Goldie, Arwen Gold, Sofi Goldfinger, Roxy Dee, Katie Montana, Lara Onyx, Emily Thorne, Kerry Cherry, Jenn Stefany, Sasha Panther, Alina Star, Mira Sol, Leona Levi, Karolina Star, Nina Heaven
Drop it (Tujamo, Lukas Vane)

Here is where I really wanted to take what I’d learnt in my experimental PMVs and apply them to something that feels more deliberate and cohesive, with a solid underlying theme. I wanted to look into using splitscreens and felt brave enough to work with them if I kept the actual splitscreens themselves fairly simply (static screens displaying images, no motion or transitions), and make the juxtaposition of the scenes do all the heavy lifting. With a bunch of 3-girls scenes I thought a 3screen split would make a nice match.

I set the video up with some upbeat and snappy cuts and let the scenes play out on their own, setting up the idea that the scenes are all three girls framed regularly next to each other in similar compositions. Then, during the drop, started introducing the splitscreens and began trying to create a trippy sense of losing track of what’s actually happening in the scenes and how they connect with each other.

Collaboration: Sweater Weather

Collaborators: Mynah Orals, DigitalFiend
Stars: Unknown, sorry!
Sweater Weather (Neighbourhood – Gaullin Remix)
My Edits: (0.52-1.05), (1.46-2.00), (2.52-end)

Limonata had suggested working on a collaboration jam PMV, and I got started on that with him and a few others, but it was getting off the ground a bit slowly, and I was pretty fucking hyped for this. I wound up getting involved in another one as well just so I could get started and ease my impatience!

We finished this PMV almost entirely in one night as the three of us got started and mega hyped as we went, just passing it back and forward rapid between us over the night. The plan was simply just to pick a song between us, and using whatever scenes we had access to. We did it pass the parcel style (the same method Limonata suggested) by taking turns editing then passing it onto the next player to edit. We didn’t have fixed times to edit to, generally just going until it felt like there was a nice break in the music that would make a good transition.

For this video we had no real plans on what kind of content or theme we wanted to do. Mynah started and set up the sensual buildup at the beach and we just followed on with whatever tone felt right after that. I was playing a lot with colour correction and I still enjoyed the quickcut beats, but was taking the chance of short cuts to focus on some different things and explore the software (as around this point I changed to using Davinci), so wanted to try out a some motion and zooms.

Let Me Think about Lati and Selvaggi

Stars: Gabriella Lati and Selvaggia
Let Me Think About It – Celebration Mix (Fedde le Grande, Ida Corr)

This was my second PMV, and is predictably pretty messy and scattered. I used this just to explore with the new software and start to understand a variety of things. The effects and visual tone changes pretty constantly throughout this video as I was taking the chance to just try different things whenever the beat changed and to understand better what tools I had available and could understand.

I Can’t Take a Tease

Stars: Cindy Shine
I Can’t Take It (Dillon Francis)

This was an 8MB discord challenge I participated in. (8MB so that the full video could fit within the 8mb limit on sharing discord files). The song was provided to everyone and it was up to us to pick whichever bit stuck out to us and to make a short video out of it. The buildup and drop was what I liked, and wanted to play on the “can’t take it” idea and make a mini story about how Cindy just couldn’t take it anymore and needed to end things and get dressed again, a bit of a reverse tease video!

Alita on the Dancefloor

Stars: Alita Angel
Candy on the Dancefloor (Tujamo)

This was my first attempt at creating a PMV, done a bit out of impulse. I wanted to try putting one together and to just see what I could come up with, given it had become my favourite format of live-action porn. I liked the creators/videos that focused on beatmatching and regular, snappy cuts. I had noticed occasionally some videos using similar compositions between these cuts but felt that no one ever really committed enough to the effect and it seemed mostly accidental, so I wanted to create what I felt was missing, and make a video where the focus was compositional continuity.