Interactive Sliders

This page is dedicated to interactive sliders, which let you sliiiide smoothly between two contrasting pictures! All you need to do is click and move the white bar along to the side or up and down (depending on the picture). The content on this page will be varied, and simply be a place to display the active sliders 🙂

Her Trial sliders/images are not displayed here because the full series are already on that page and have a continuing story, while this page is more focused on standalone slider pics.

Note that the World contains a lot of extreme Bondage/Torture.

Do Ghosts Exist

Kari is investigating a haunted mansion to check out whether ghosts exist or not! It only took her a few seconds of being distracted at an eerie mirror to find her answer, but by then it was too late…

Slide Down to see if ghosts exist


One sketch, finished by two different people: Rook-07 and myself! The full collab set can be found here!

Slide Right to see the other finish

The Buried Don't Die

The Samhein Graveyard is enchanted: it’s the one place on the whole estate where you are completely safe from death. Of course, this is considered more of a curse than a gift…

Slide Down to bury her in the Graveyard…

Rebecca's Bedroom

Rebecca has been abducted! She doesn’t know who by, or how many people were involved. She’s only seen the one person so far, and the inside of this dingy cell she’s trapped in. She was strung up on the first day, left mostly where she is, but with a spreader bar and pulled into a painfully high strappado, and then told that this is her new bedroom. Terrified at what that could mean, the door was closed and she was left to wait and find out.

And over the days and weeks to come, she really did find out that this dark cell was her new home.

Slide Right to pass the time in her new bedroom!

Bondage as Usual

Sophiey has a pretty boring office job surrounded by people doesn’t care much for, and are too stiff for her to talk about her personal interests. She has always enjoyed BDSM but didn’t like how limited her time to indulge in it was. At least not until she discovered shibari, and found a way to bring some secret fun into her work life!

Slide Up to lift up her clothes and see what’s underneath!