Fucking Weird Fucking

While much of the work I do is illustrations based on micro/short stories and scenario setups, this work is pretty different.

This is work that you might enjoy when you want a break from reality, to enjoy while high, horny, or just looking for something more colourful. This is work I do for fun, and am just sharing a slice of my mind. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think! 🙂

I won’t automatically reject commissions based on this kind of work, but I will be a lot more picky, as this is work that I create as I go, and feel it isn’t particularly suited to being given detailed instructions. If you have a soft idea you’d like me to carry through into a finished piece though, get in touch and we can chat about it! 🙂

In No Particular Order...

Close your eyes slowly and dream sweet screams for me tonight

The Witch’s Foot Fetish

A Loving Tongue

Pocket Snake