Nudity, Violence, then Everyday Life

Tags you can expect in Deathmatch Dolls:

Guro | Cute Outfits | Stories | Non-Bondage | Torture | Perils 

This setting was created collaboratively with the commissioner of the first full Deathmatch comics. We collaborate to create characters and fights and have developed the tone and theme for the setting. The Doll Brawls are not commissions, and are quick pages to be posted on Twitter for the community to vote on the winner.

Deathmatch Dolls is set in a world not unlike our own on the surface. Modern, contemporary, full of vibrancy and life and conflicting opinions and perspectives and things people enjoy. People also learn to get along and society can function with friction and is probably more full of experience and life for the wee inner conflicts.

Except sometimes, when tension peaks between people and there’s just no arguing or resolving. But they don’t bottle up their angers and unleash it elsewhere or on others. They don’t become a menace to society as whole…they just become a menace to each other! They declare a deathmatch on each other, where they strip down and reveal their true styles and superhuman natures and fight brutally to the sexy, naked death and walk away vindicated!

Some fights are long, and gruesome, and become heated Headliner Deathmatches that can tear down buildings! Others are fast and brutal Doll Brawls, ending in mere moments from one well timed move!