Game of Obsession

Content warnings for Game of Obsession:
Orgasm Denial | Forced Orgasms | Body Mod

Shu is an e-Grudge, a horrorirific monster who loves to play games, troll noobs, and haunt trolls! With the gruesome power to climb in and out of games and media she can literally haunt games and those playing them…although often gets distracted playing them herself!

Game of Obsession, a twisted nightmare realm of a game, was created by her masters just for her to play and suffer through. An impossibly unfair game full of relentless twists and turns she must face a set of rules intended to haunt her back, and trap her in increasing levels of orgasmic and helpless suffering. Can she ever get to the end?!

Zone 1 - Latex Swamps

In the midst of the deadened forests there are no sounds of animals. No running water. No fresh breezes of wind. The only sound the goopy sloshing of the latex swamps as they wrap and twist around the grassless shores. The thick and glossy globs, waves, and bubbles a beautiful sight from afar, the liquid will aggressively seek out any breathing life and try to drag it back into the lightless depths.

Recommended Level: 15-35