Her Trial 4-7

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Threeway Teeth Troubles

Anna, Emma, and Rachel have been finally taken off of their exhausting predicaments and given the shortest of rests before being prepared for what’s next. Based on Rachel’s performance on the treadmill, they are now due to suffer not a predicament, but just unadulterated torture, while being told of a slim chance of hope they might have coming up…

A Mother's Suffering

Jessica has been placed on a torturous chair and has watched in great discomfort and helplessness as she was invaded with all sorts of wires and instruments. She feared the worst, terrified of what was going to happen, but she couldn’t possibly have prepared herself for who was about to walk into the room to see her like this…

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The Competition

Rachel is being pit against Elizabeth in a forced challenge to determine who can willingly endure the most, and who will find themselves lost in unwilling suffering forever more.

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Breaking Elizabeth

Elizabeth is placed on a fierce contraption and left at the mercy of a competition between herself and Rachel, with he winner given the rare chance to escape the life of perpetual torture!

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