Her Trial 12-15

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Time To Think

Basanti has been given some time to think about whether she’s okay with being the one getting given the commands from now on, to be obeyed without hesitation. She can take however long she likes, hell, she can sleep on it!

Don't Worry About the Screams

Anna has some surgery to undergo for her buyer, and this is given as a chance to test whether Basanti is willing to obey, regardless of how much screaming is going on around her…

Slide left to bring Basanti’s tongue and the fake boobs to Anna

Dart a Hole, Win a Whore

Katy-Ann and Ms Green have found themselves the part of a flash sale game, that brings together some skill, some luck, and a lot of suffering!

Lights On or Off?

Basanti and Elizabeth are trapped in a dark room, Basanti being forced to fuck in time with the alternating lights or risk painful shocks to both of them. Elizabeth can’t see or hear anything, and knows nothing but the pain happening to her. Basanti is in full control, but helpless to stop what’s happening.

Slide right to make Basanti fuck Elizabeth’s dildo