Her Trial 16

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A Dark New Life

Anna and Emma become closer as sisters than they ever imagined they could be. Human furniture Elizabeth and bartender Basanti are with them, also serving in their new roles alongside them, providing whatever is needed of their dark master.

Their trials have taught them one thing they will never forget, despite whatever pain they may be enduring.

Despite how much they might hate it.

Is that slaves are prettier when they smile.

The Family's Back Together Again

Anna and Emma have been reunited with their mother Jessica at last. They are all safe, together, and ensuring that they spend the rest of their lives together doing what they can to make each other as happy as possible!

Slide Right to see some blood

Cum Extraction Kit

Rachel has now existed for days and weeks as a living cum extraction kit.

Lined up already in position on her fucking table, all one need do is insert their cock and she’ll make sure to wring every last drop of cum out of them.

No effort required, Rachel will take care of you!