Her Trial

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Fair warning: This series is extreme and gets increasingly graphic! This is for extreme fetishists and leans much more into torture than sexy kinks. Also, usual disclaimer that this is fantasy! These illustrations designed for the satisfaction of extreme BDSM kinks and arousing fears of pain, captivity, helplessness, and predicaments. These are in no way meant to represent real people, real situations, or ever be replicated within the real world. If you’re not into this kind of stuff, please click back now, and check out more sexy stuff elsewhere on the site 🙂

Note: This series/world, and the characters within it, is not my own creation, and has been created by an anonymous commissioner. I can’t claim credit for the creativity included here, but I like to think I’ve done my share to bring it to life in a fun (and scary) way! 🙂

Her Trial is a series of escalating sexual and terrifying tortures, implemented against helpless victim Anna and her loved ones! Thrown into the most horrific of predicaments, tortures, torments, and awful decisions, she has no escape or relief from the increasing sadism enjoyed during her trials of suffering.

This series directly follows a story of torments in sequence, and will start at the top and continue as you scroll down. As an additional feature here, this page will utilise Animated Sliders, which allow you to grab the slider bar and slide between two versions of the same image, such as a clothed and nude version, or a clean and bloody version.

We hope you enjoy, are aroused, and terrified of the story of Anna and her trial.

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Summer Nightmare

Sisters Anna and Emma were enjoying a summer holiday to south america with their sorority, when suddenly it all changed, it all went dark, and they would find themselves experiencing a living nightmare of pain, sex, torment, and training like they could never have imagined. Why would something like this ever happen?

Slide Down to Set the Sun on Summer Fun…