This World is a commission series, created by Anon, along with the characters and the broad details of their adventures. Note that the illustrations here can become increasingly graphic. If this isn’t what you’re here for, just click back and can you check out some different Worlds 🙂

Tags you can expect in this World:

My name is…Rebecca. I don’t even know my last name anymore, I haven’t heard it in so long, I’ve heard only abuse, and pain, and silence, and my own screams.

I was kidnapped, taken one day, to live here, in this place, alone, in pain, in agony, in the filth, the grime, the dirt, the dark. With nothing but pain. I don’t even know why they were doing this.

Well, I didn’t at first.

I was taken. I was left in the cell, tied up, helpless. I couldn’t move, my arms were burning behind me, and they closed the door. They left me.

They didn’t come back very often. I sat in the dark, my clothes still on, increasingly covered in my own piss, my own filth, a puddle developing under me, tormenting me with the smell, but never enough to distract me from the pain.

They didn’t come back very often. And when they did, it was just to hurt me in a different place.