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Latest Visions from the Samhein Estate

Within the Samhein Estate, on the month of October each year, there rests Misery Manor, an ever-shifting magical maze with countless innocent sexy slaves trapped within its haunted walls, tormented, tortured, tantalised, and terrified!

The Coven of the Harvest, led by the witch Serena, take endless sadistic pleasure in their jobs of extracting Misery from the endless guests and victims within. Returning once a year to gather a host of new slaves to unleash their sexual deviancy upon, the Manor seems to never be still, even when it’s Elsewhere.

However the Manor and witches aren’t the only thing on the Estate! The grounds are surrounded by a maze of hungry Trick Trees around the grounds, a corrupted Carnival led by a irresistible Clown, countless monsters and beasts, and the nearby town of Samhein, the eerily quiet city that pretends to themselves that the bump in the night was just their imaginations.

Samhein Estate is a collaborative Horror Porn setting created by PixelJail and Wolvun, initially as part of a Kinktober project in 2019, and has since expanded to a larger and more involved setting with contributions from other members of the terrified community!