Introduction: Kinktober Tour

The Samhein Estate is a wonderful place full of lust, magic, sexuality, and horror! Screams and moans fill every room, and the sorcery that’s concocted here only ever has one purpose… Guests of the house are welcome to roam freely, enjoy the sights and “attractions” of the Estate, and even participate alongside the lustful Witches in charge of the place. But the mansion is most heavily populated by victims, slaves, captives, and ever-horny watchful Pumpkinks.

So why don’t you follow along in this House of Hallowe’en? Come through this door here to take the Kinktober Tour and get shown around the house throughout Hallowe’en, or scroll down for the full story, the full history, and everything there is to know about haunted place full of orgasms and nightmares!

The Samhein Diary

The following is the Samhein Story, a detailed chronology of the history of this ghoulish place and the people (and creatures) within it. This diary will be updated periodically with new entries, including illustrations, short stories, microfictions, and anything else to do with the Samhein Estate.

Readers Note: These stories (of varying length) are listed by “date”, but that is only to tie the world together in a timeline. There is no need to actually read these in any specific order, and there’s no requirement to read them all. These are mostly standalone stories within the world. However, we have made an effort to keep more in-depth explanations and broad backstories to earlier in the timeline (near the top) so as you go further down the timeline there will be less repetition of explanations.

A Deals A Deal 1

Diary Entry: A Deal’s a Deal (1/3)
Tags: SFWish, Backstory, Slaves
Characters: Serena, Sasha

Date: 2nd October 2007

Sasha remembers, none too fondly, how she became a witch so many years ago. She recalls her days when she worked for Mr. Borsen running his shady operations, and how her involvement in a twisted sex mansion would change her life forever when one particular deal is made…

A Deals A Deal 2

Diary Entry: A Deal’s a Deal (2/3)
Tags: SFWish, Backstory, Monsters
Characters: Sasha, Pumpkinks

Date: 2nd October 2007

Sasha is trapped in a living nightmare and struggles to pull herself back to reality, unaware that the terms of the new arrangement affected her more profoundly than she could have imagined.

A Deals A Deal 3

Diary Entry: A Deal’s a Deal (3/3)
Tags: SFWish, Backstory
Characters: Serena, Sasha

Date: 3rd October 2007

Sasha realises that there’s only one way she can escape her impossible situation, and decides to negotiate her most valuable skills in order to make a deal of her own. 

It Begins Again SKETCH

Diary Entry: It Begins Again
Tags: SFW, Backstory, Samhein
Characters: Serena, Ill Manored

Date: 30th September 2010

The tucked away town of Samhein helplessly witnesses the beginning of a terrifying yearly ritual. The start of October marks a twisted and magical nightmare full of sexual depravity, torture, and insanity, unlike anything seen by anyone outside the safety of Samhein…

Under the Floor THUMB

Diary Entry: Under the Floor
Short Story, Illustration
Tags: NSFW, Limbless, Bugs, Piercings

Date: 13th July 2012

She makes a break for it, and dashes to an escape from the Samhein Estate. However, the cruelty of any witch who catches her is only limited by their imagination…

Chefs Choice SKETCH

Diary Entry: Chef’s Choice
Short Story, Sketch
Tags: SFW, Horror, Burning
Characters: Chef, Ill Manored

Date: 25th November 2012

The Chef of the Mansion is unlike any chef from the rational world, and seemingly desires to cook much more than desires to actually eat.

Belly of the Beast SKETCH

Diary Entry: Belly of the Beast
Short Story, Sketch
Tags: SFW, Soft Vore, Chastity/Denial
Characters: Pumpkollossus, Illwyn

Date: 12th March 2015

The fledgling witch Illwyn bites off more than she can chew when she challenges a creature that seems to revel in endless sexual frustration.

Pit of Silence THUMB

Diary Entry: Story of Shadows (1/2)
Illustration / Microstory
Tags: Predicament, Monster, Peril
Characters: “PokeFan”

Date: 12th April 2019

The poor PokeFan has been captured by the Samhein Witches and given a deadly predicament, a challenge of silence, if she hopes to escape with her life and limb.

SoS 1

Diary Entry: Story of Shadows (2/2)
Comic, Animation
Tags: Horror, BDSM, Monsters, Romance
Characters: “PokeFan”, Vandor

Date: 12th April-29th April 2019

Threatened by the Shadows during her dangerous ordeal, she manages to survive the predicament, and is offered her freedom by the witches, as agreed. However, life will never be normal again…

Closet BnW

Diary Entry: Closet
Author: Wolvun
Microstory, Lineart
Tags: Horror, Monsters
Characters: Serena

Date: 29th September 2019

The closets in the Samhein Estate are not your typical closets, and are much more horrifying than for simply storing clothes.

Kinktober 1 Witch

Diary Entry: The Kinktober Tour
Content: Illustrations / Microstories
Tags: NSFW, Sexual/Nudity, Bondage, Horror, Predicaments, Monsters (+)
Characters: Serena, Vandor, The Clown, Chef (+)

Date: 1-31st October 2019

A series of 31 illustrated microstories, touring you through the Samhein Estate (AKA Kinktober Mansion) and getting a glimpse at the horrors, depravity, tortures, and pleasures involved in the magical nightmare house!

Tears of the Troupe Image

Diary Entry: Tears of the Troupe
Author: Wolvun
Short Story, Sketch
Tags: SFW, Horror
Characters: The Clown

Date: 13th October 2019

A late night drive gives Cindy and James a chance to help some circus performers stranded by the roadside.

The Mirror

Diary Entry: Desires of a Reflection
Author: PixelJail
Short Story, Sketch
Tags: Sexual, Forced Orgasms, Peril, Magic
Characters: Alexa

Date: 19th October 2019

Alexa enjoys her life as a sadistic witch at the Samhein Coven, torturing slaves and indulging her every desire. Unfortunately, at night she is forced to indulge beyond her desires, or face a danger she has no power to save herself from.

Down the Well

Diary Entry: Down the Well
Coloured Sketch, Microstory
Tags: Peril, Tentacles, Breast Suspension, Monster

Date: 9th November 2019

At the Samhein Estate there is a deep well with no water at the bottom. The primordial soup there has taken on magical properties instead, after many years warping in and out of reality with the Witches’ Estate…

Haunted Panties THUMB

Diary Entry: Haunted Panties
Illustration, Short Story
Tags: Orgasm Denial, Peril, Monster

Date: 29th December 2019

A pair of Haunted Panties that feed on desperation and lust will cause a supernatural arousal in their victims as they deny them to death!