The Clown

Name: ???
Age: ???
Sex: Female
Sexual Preferences: ???

The Clown is a hypnotising central pillar of the Theatre Troupe that operates within the Samhein Estate. She seems to act fairly independently of the Troupe’s hierarchy, and seems to command a fair amount of respect from the others within the Troupe as well as the Witches. She doesn’t talk much, preferring instead to hypnotically stare her victims down, or use her unusual psychic and magical abilities to terrify and confuse.

She has an aura of abject maliciousness and is as openly violent as she is aggressively sexual. She enjoys taking part in the theatre shows within the Mansion, and is one of the most popular acts, therefore often given everything she wants and freedom to do whatever she likes. The audience just loves to see how her mind works, and the things she will do to her victims once given the chance…

Character Collaborators:

WolvunContinued Character Development


What lovely eyes you have…