Vandor the Cask Master

Name: Vandor
Age: ???
Sex: Male
Sexual Preferences: Homoflexible

Vandor is a rare vampire that happily lives within the Samhein Estate grounds. He acts as the cask master for the mansion, storing slaves in such a way that keeps their blood good and fresh for him, but also keeps the slaves docile and weak, yet healthy and able to survive long term until they’re needed in the mansion above. He is the only person in the estate who seems to have an active and friendly dialogue with the Shadows that roam in every dark corner, and has a particular distaste towards the Pumpkinks, typically because they often try and raid his stores.

He is energetic and enthusiastic, typically somewhat polite and happy to talk to anyone who comes to his cellar. Not particularly sadistic, but with a temper that’s like a flash in a pan and a primal power he cares not to control, he can cause a lot of damage to anyone who causes him trouble, simply because he doesn’t particularly care what happens to others. Although, he does somewhat enjoy a bit of screaming with his wine.

Character Collaborators:

WolvunContinued Character Development


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