A Masque Show

Story by Exproject


The Harvest Carnival, an interesting place to go and see. Every October this creepy carnival would take place in the Samhein Estate Grounds. Its surprising how such a large carnival can fit in the relatively small woods of the Samhein Estate. As the rumors say, maybe it’s just magic… or not?

“Regardless of the rumors, I don’t buy this magic nonsense, but I got paid well to check this out” Investigator Masque Deseo walks along the wooded path, keen to find something, even if only to justify the time.

She wears a trench coat with black shirt and black jeans. She just wishes that this whole assignment was over and to head back to the town to get some beer. But work is work, and searching up a carnival wasn’t the worst thing she had done for money.

“At least it’s not underpaid stakeouts” She says to herself as she joins the queue, full of party-goers, excited for the kinky adults-only carnival.

Waiting for her turn to buy her ticket, she takes a glimpse at the staff attending the entrance. If it wasn’t for the fact they checked the tickets she wouldn’t have noticed they were staff. They were almost naked, with barely any clothes covering their bodies, their most defining attribute the eerie masks they wore. The masks were clearly inspired by the Greek comedy mask with the detail that it didn’t have the lower part with the mouths. Regardless, the staff seemed to smile so it’s not like it’s of any difference.

As Masque gets to the ticket booth, she flinches slightly at the girl in front. She wore the same attire of the staff except there were other details on her mask; her eyes weren’t visible through the mask, and it seemed to be… bleeding? Some red liquid stained her cheeks, seemingly coming from under the mask, down to her chin.

“Miss, is that blood coming from your eyes?” Masque asks, clearly spooked.

“Ahahaha, no silly, its just…paint. It’s all for a show! Unless you want to think its blood. It is Hallowe’en, after all! So, how many tickets?” The ticket tease replies giddily.

After Masque buys just one for herself, the girl just waves at her and blows a kiss.

Her assignment is to investigate the carnival for kidnapped people. She has heard rumors of people disappearing during this times of Hallowe’en, and this time she was contracted by a strange woman to investigate this. She wasn’t too fond of public events, but money has been tight lately, so it was worth the stress. It’s not like a fetish event was a big deal either way.

Walking through the different acts, she is slightly disgusted by a number of the activities, but nothing that she could say was bad enough to call criminal activity. Some bondage and ropes here and there, and some more depraved stuff like public toilets made out of bound people.

Ignoring this weird display, she continues to search for more fishy stuff going on. The only thing she saw wrong was a balancing act that didn’t have any safety nets. It wasn’t technically criminal, just dangerous, and the crowd seemed less bothered than Masque was about it. Although another redheaded girl was at the center of the crowd expressing the same concerns, much louder. Masque was almost was going to join in, until she noticed the girl was drawing too much attention to herself. The last thing Masque needs is attention. While she shared the sentiment with the upset student, the hunt for suspicious activity must continue.

“No clue of anything, nothing at all. The staff aren’t the kidnapped persons either, so where else I should go to search?”

Suddenly, a member of the carnival troupe approaches her.

“Hello again miss, glad to see you again.” she calmly greets Masque.

It’s the same gal from the ticket booth, it was the same voice.

“Hello again.” she absent-mindedly responds.

“Are you bored? Let me guide you to my favorite event of this carnival, The Masked Troup Group! Its only one show and happens once a year, so why not giving it a try.” she suggests her to Masque, already grabbing her hand and motioning to the tent a short distance away.

While not trusting her, she noticed that it’s a pretty big tent she hasn’t checked yet, and this was a good opportunity to get in with her clothes on and check out the crowd for anything suspicious.

“Sure why no…” Masque doesn’t even finish, as the girl grabs her and runs towards the big tent.

Entering the tent, it was impossible to believe it was bigger inside than it could have been. As the girl dragged Masque to a seat on the front row, a few other troupe members were present at the seats too. Not even the staff wants to miss the show it seems.

“You know, it’s the first time I’ve been here for the show with someone from outside the troupe.” She joyfully tells Masque “Just like a date!”

“Well, it’s the first time seeing the show for me too. I’m not used to going to many public events.” Masque answers, a bit distracted, still looking around the whole tent for clues or anything suspicious.

“Look look, the show is about to start.” the ticket tease points at the center of the tent excitedly.

There was just one clown.

She had awful makeup, a twisted smile, her hair was a mess, dirty and she didn’t had any clothes covering her at all, just some clown-like accessories and frills leaving nothing to the imagination.

But the most striking feature was her blank eyes. It was like she didn’t had a soul, just an empty void behind her face, her  twisted smile supporting the idea that there is something important missing in her.

This was no ordinary clown, this is no ordinary person. If something was going on here, she must be involved.

The clown just sat there and stared, doing nothing. She was still on the spot and just stared at everyone.

Suddenly, she moves and stares directly at Masque and slowly approaches her. Not wasting time, Masque knew she was a danger was about to act to defend herself, but her “date” grabs her arm and immobilises her somehow. Being held up on the back of her hands by the unusual strong woman, she tries to struggle to break free of her grip, but to no avail. What was happening?

The Clown kept coming towards her.

As the emotionless clown was getting closer, her smile got wider and wider, unnaturally wider. Masque on the other hand started to feel like someone was speaking to her… in her own mind! The closer she got, the more clear the voices got, not that it helped much.

We should do a show together… delicious body… you are mine…right here…

As she gets closer, it seemed like the world was twisting with her. The mask of the girl binding Masque started to bleed that red substance down her face, like if her eyes were really bleeding, and she began smiling a wide, twisted smile.

Exciting… fresh meat… Desire… must play…

Nothing from the voices in Masque’s head made sense to her, but it was clear it was the Clown girl talking into her head. The ticket tease then grabbed Masque’s head and held it firmly, just as the Clown holds something in front of her… a mask!

“Let me go!” Masque struggles as she continues to wrestle the unnaturally strong staff member.

The Clown smiled even more at the desperate attempt of hers, clearly enjoying every second of it. And so she gets closer and closer…

The sound of sex was dominating the huge tent, with everyone there in an act of twisted carnal pleasure.

Everyone in the crowd with their respective masks, not caring for anything other than the mindless, physical pleasure. Masque was wearing hers, being ravaged by the Clown with a huge strap-on that seemed to be made out of a twisted and strangely solid balloon. Masque was drowning in confused, mindless pain and pleasure. Her dear ticket tease was alongside her, teasing, edging, and kissing her. She was playing with Masque’s nipples, as the pair played with each other’s vaginas aggressively, desperately, in complete lust, forgetting anything in the world around them.

The Clown was laughing, talking dirty into their minds, watching the two girls kiss while wearing their masks, the red pouring relentlessly from their eyes.

Masque’s smile got wider and wider. The best show of her life indeed.