Story by Wolvun


Serena musing slightly, the visitors from town would be coming soon and she didn’t feel…confident enough for this. After all, it’s a once a year thing and she can’t go having people thinking she’s some washboard of a witch!

Walking to a closet, she opens it and clicks her tongue. Staring into the darkness as though expecting something. She says firmly and clearly:

“Large chested”

Movement from within the closet. the sounds of a struggle? followed by something carried from the darkness by the darkness. A woman hung limply…
Faceless, missing an arm and her hips. Only shadowy mist in their place.

“Perfect. Perky and nice. I’ll take them.” Serena says.

The shadows grab harshly onto the breasts of the hanging woman. The body struggles before they are seamlessly taken off. No blood, no damage…only smoothness remains.

The shadow hand opens, presenting the perky tits to Serena.

Inspecting them, she nods and takes them. Jiggling them slightly before lowering her top. She fits them over her own chest, as they seem to magically attach themselves onto her as if they always belonged there.

“Good. that is all.”

The shadow retreats back into the dark depths, carrying the woman with it into the dark.

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