Evelina is Watching

Guest Artist: HojoTengu

The kinky redheaded witch, she would realise too late, wasn’t quite kinky enough to be a Harvest Witch at Samhein.

She arrived with her golden-haired friend late in October and was fascinated by the haunted manor, enthralled by the sadistic indulgence that the Coven of the Harvest know as life. Without enough time to really understand what joining the Coven involved, they signed up to join the Coven and spend the next 11 months in the Elsewhere with the other witches torturing and extracting misery from the innumerable slaves within.

Unfortunately, the reality of 11 months trapped in the Elsewhere is too much for some. While the truly sadistic and obsessive live through the months between November and September in freedom and joy, the time passes beautifully, their obsessions and desires realised at the purest level. But for others, for witches who have more they want to explore and do, the Manor can be stifling, and lead to exhaustion or boredom.

The kinky redheaded and blonde witch friends were of the latter type, exhilarated initially, but after a few months had found themselves slacking too much, and falling regularly below Serena’s misery quota.

Or, more accurately, Evelina had found them slacking too much.

This failure of duties would be tolerated with new witches, but not repeatedly. Serena had decided that if they weren’t going to gather enough misery to be useful to her as witches, that they would become slaves, and other witches could gather the misery from them!

Evelina had taken a bit of a fascination in the redhead over the months watching her decline in standards, and requested to be the one to capture her, and show her how to really do the job around here…