Haunted Panties

Story by HealingPotion


Shadow Mites! Tiny ghostly parasites that lurk within the shadows. Not just regular shadows, of course, but the Shadows, that are seeped within the darkness of the Mansion, reaching into the rooms and corridors trying to grab anyone who might stray close enough to them.

Because the mites are so small, these nasty little slivers of Shadow can stay with their victim even after they’ve escaped into daylight, by hiding themselves inside of their victim, exclusively choosing to hide within a wet, warm vagina.

From in there, they stimulate their victim, causing them constant arousal, but will deny any attempt by the victim to gratify themselves. They feed on the constant energy, muscle tension, and emotional negativity that this torment generates, the frustration and anger and need.

Of course, being small they are typically only a temporary nuisance, and with enough motivation or a little help from another slave, they can be eventually removed or even destroyed. This hope was denied to one girl by the most bizarre and unfortunate circumstances. She already had the misfortune to be trapped in a pair of cursed panties that would not easily come off. She managed to find her way deep into the Shadows of a dimly lit part of the estate.

As she suffered the physical torment of the larger Shadows, stabbing and slicing and prodding, she didn’t even notice that one after another, dozens of these little ghostly pests were slipping into her cursed panties.

As her sexual arousal began to build, the bodily torments of the other Shadows seemed to fade in comparison to the wildfire of lust burning within her, and she fell to her knees. Drawn in by her lust, every mite in the area swarmed to her. Though mindless, the things were greedy and possessed enough instinct to work together. As the poor slave screamed out in a frustration so bitter it would frost the windows, the first mega-colony of shadow mites had formed, and took home, haunting these seemingly innocent pink panties.

Somehow, long after that poor slave’s death, the haunted panties found their way out into the manor again. The mites now embedded into the fabric, the inside is smooth, soft, and matte-black. They extend their tendrils and crawl through the shadows after each victim perishes, finding their way into drawers and closets and other places where some unfortunate soul might be foolish enough to put them on.

From there, safely secured around the legs and crotch of their new victim, they proceed to drive their victim to the very razor-sharp edge of orgasm, stimulating her clit and deep to her g-spot until the need for orgasm is stronger than the need to breathe!

These victims find themselves screaming and crying and moaning as they struggle desperately, failing to remove the ever stronger panties. After enough time, they will die helplessly of exhaustion or dehydration, unable to even run or seek help, their last thoughts as they left their current shell being how desperately unsatisfied they were. Inevitably, any soul who perishes within the Samhein Estate, in such a hopelessly non-orgasmic way, will become a voyeuristic Pumpkink, doomed to suffer their afterlife as a furiously horny creature able only to ever watch and anger, unable to ever gain relief.

One day, the witch Evelina finds them in her drawer but is savvy enough to see them for what they are. She decides to make a gift of them to a rival witch, one who had caused her no small amount of grief over the years, and left the torturous trap in her closet. A few days later, not paying enough attention, said rival dons the panties, excited about the torture she had planned to inflict that day.

But she very quickly discovers her mistake, her horror mounting as she realizes what her fate is to be, and the haunted panties having stolen enough life and power they were now certainly strong enough to withstand attempts to be removed even by this witch! Worse yet, her naturally more powerful body as a witch would actually work against her now! It’ll certainly take her a much, MUCH longer time for her to perish in her supernatural denial than it would all the slaves before her…