A Deal's a Deal: Hostile Takeover

Story by Wolvun


Sasha was nowhere. In darkness. Maybe she had died? Nothing hurt. She still felt like herself. Maybe this was asleep? She didn’t understand…


Sasha felt empty. Yet felt…something?  She wasn’t lying down or anything. Just merely there.  Nothing was touching her yet she felt…hungry. What happened? She had been on the ground. And that…witch! What did she do to her?

Hungry Hungry

And what was that feeling? This hunger, this need. She hadn’t felt like this since college. Or earlier than that?

But school had been the right way. Top of her class, working for a company that was the envy of her classmates. She didn’t need anyone else to be her own power couple. Why did she need anyone else? If she had a husband, they might have beaten her…taken what was her. What she wanted…

Hungry Hurt Hungry

And why shouldn’t she have? She could have had it all. A few more sleepless nights and she could have. That young man Johnson. The cute man that gave her coffee…actually….why had she even been working for that old fuck?

Hungry Hurt Hungry Horny

She was the one that did most of the work. She was the one that looked after his bedridden wife. She could have easily had something happen. Gotten rid of her. Rid of them! Then she’d have had the company. Then the witch would have come to her! She wouldn’t be laying on the floor somewhere while that asshole sucked up every minute of every day with his hedonism. It should be HER that gets to do that! To throw money around! To do what she wanted! To have some other little bitch deal with the repercussions. To fuck the slaves, to hurt the slaves! She should have had that! She should have hungered for it more!

Hungry Hungry Horny HUNGRY HUNGRY

…..what is going on….? The stray thought had pierced her head like an arrow.

She wasn’t in darkness anymore. She was standing back in her old college dorm. A memory from a happier, more innocent time? A hornier time? No! This…this wasn’t like her. Something had happened…let’s see…body…Mr. Borsen…the witch had done something…drugged her? Was she going to wake up as a plaything at the manor? Surely not.


Sasha grimaced. Oh be quiet. I know what I want. So does Mr. Borsen. He needs me. I know how to run his company. I may be his secretary but I was the lynch pin that made the company move to his will. I was more a partner than anything. I should have made him respect me more!

No no, calm down. Sasha sighed, sitting down on her old dorm bed. Trying to refocus and understand what had happened. This all had something to do with that woman. That witch! He must have said something. Surely, he could have reversed whatever deal he had made. That witch could have easily lied.


A pumpkin now sat on the dorm desk across from her. The sickly carved pumpkin eyes locked on her, who had purposefully decided to ignore it. She frowned as she turned away, refusing to acknowledge this apparition.

The old fuc…Mr. Borsen is human. He makes his mistakes. Surely, he’ll have realized it. He couldn’t have gone that long without me. Only so many luscious tits and lovely asses to….Sasha! Behave yourself. Once you get back to the hotel, we’ll get out that book we like, and relax and read. For now, we need to deal with this…this…


Another pumpkin appeared on the bed next to Sasha, staring coldly into her.

What are you? Is this some sort of trick?

The pumpkin on the bed did not speak. Nor did the one on the desk. Nor did the pumpkin now in the windowsill. All of them staring harshly at Sasha. Their little carved mouths starting to twitch.


Sasha stood up. If these things were not going to make sense, then she’d do something about them. Whatever that witch had done will not be the end of her. Whatever drugs were in her system must be messing with her head. If she could beat this, Mr. Borsen would fix all of this. Or else! Grabbing the pumpkin on bed, which in turn closed its own mouth onto her hand. Causing her to scream.


Grasping her wrist, seeing no blood as the pumpkin continue to multiply. No longer twitching. Their mouths open and howling the gibberish madness, eating everything, the furniture, the desk, the walls. But Sasha wasn’t going to roll over. Not this time. All her life, she had been kowtowing to someone above her. She would not roll over to these pumpkin monsters or some slutty witch!

Kicking at a pumpkin, sending out flying into a wall. Splattering into a smear of orange goo and gourd pieces. The other pumpkins fling themselves at her. Jagged mouths biting into her. Dragging her down. If she had been wearing any clothes, they would be in tatters. The dorm room from her past life was fading, being consumed all around her.

A crunching sound fills the room. Sasha barely had to look before the window and wall were pulled away. A massive pumpkin chewing away at the pieces. Bigger than anything she had ever seen before. But it didn’t matter. It didn’t matter that she was pulled down and hurting. It didn’t matter that she might be eaten. None of it mattered! None of it would stop her!


No! I am not hungry. I don’t want to harm anyone. I want what I want…Right?! I’m Sasha! I’m in charge!




She opened her eyes.

They stung. Sasha needed to blink several times as her hazy vision slowly cleared up. The room sat well lit. Looking a bit like an old hotel room without a TV. A suitcase left in the corner spilling its content. Sitting atop was a baggie with a battery and charger.

Wait, She knew this room. This was the room they were staying in. She had been frustrated with the lack of an outlet and left the battery out for herself. She had intended to hide it because the air headed nurse looked the sort to dig through people’s suitcases. Speaking of which, where was she? Mrs. Borsen would likely be needing her medication soon…

But Mrs. Borsen’s bed was empty. Damn it! She knew this place would be trouble. A complication must have happened. The stupid blonde…why hadn’t she stayed If she had been here, had her tablet, she could show Mrs. Borsen’s medical history to this hodunk town’s hospital after rushing her from this hellhole. Her delicate systems wasn’t able to handle much. Hopefully there was still time, she could…. 


She can’t move her arms or her legs, only turn her head. But…she’s laying in a bed, right? Mr. Borsen had taken her to lay with his wife. She was as important…wasn’t she?

The door burst open. A clearly drunk Mr. Borsen staggers into the room. Arm in arm with a woman who was just as inebriated.

“What did I tell you dear? You just need to let loose. No one in the world but us here. Cut loose”

“Oh, you’re so baaad Walter,” the woman was slurring.

Her perky breasts on full display in a button down shirt with no pretense to making use of any of the buttons. Lacking any sort of pants, only a thin thong lead in her ass which had plenty of evidence of being felt up and spanked. 

Both of them worked together to stagger to the empty bed. The older Mr. Borsen and the young woman tangled into each other. Sloppy with drink and eagerness. The shirt tossed aside as he attacked her breasts. Her moans reactive to his mouth and teeth upon her breasts. 

With some fumbling, he too is undressed. His wrinkled worn skin pressed against her as she is mounted from the front. The woman crying out joyfully as Mr. Borsen thrusts. Causing the bed to shake with his eagerness..

“Oh! Oh Walter! It feels so gooood! It feels so good to feel alive again!” She cries in joy.

It took very little time for the older man to get off. Yet the woman seemed to get off even for that short time as well. He seemed to know her every need. Every want. Every weakness and desire.

Sasha sat horrified. She may not have known how, but she knew that expression. Those breasts and those legs. She knew every curve of that body, because she had seen it all every day of her life in the mirror. It was her…it was her body he was fucking!

“I love you Walter.”

“I love you, Nancy.”

All the while, Sasha remained there on the bed, unmoving as the two wildly fuck on the bed next to her, not seeming to care that she was there. She couldn’t say how long this went on. How long her boss fucked the young thing in his wife’s bed. She only sat as they lay and cuddle. Getting up, the woman tossing the shirt aside onto Sasha as she left in only her thong. The image of it all burned into her mind. 

Mr. Borsen had never made such advances on her before. Not a word or a touch when there were so many less useful women he could molest without having to deal with the consequences. Yet it seems Sasha was just that to him as well. She knew that body after all. Every curve and crevice. Every shake and quiver. It’s hard not to know it, when it is your body to begin with.

And that name. Sasha had heard a few Nancies come and go around her boss, but only one of them he ever said with something approaching tenderness. 

His wife.

There she sat, alone in the room. Or so she thought.

They crept in from the closet. Peering around the crack of the hallway door. Even coming from underneath the bed. She had seen them before, both here and in whatever nightmare that she had woken up here from. She had always just figured them as pumpkins, but…they move here, like in the dream. They sat everywhere in the Mansion, facing all the sex, the cruelty. Yet they moved now, wandered about, towards her, some innocently, some with a scowl.

Their bodies flexing as they scoot, slide and roll about. Not able to simply appear, as they had in the nightmare, they were now as solid as a gourd, yet flexing as their expressions change. The empty eye sockets aglow with a single light from deep inside. Far deeper than any mere candle could illuminate. 

Sasha didn’t want to guess. Didn’t want to know why they had crept out like this. How they had avoided contact with her, but now chose to gather around her. She didn’t want to think about the truth, but as she turned to see them gather around her, she saw the bathroom door open. Some pumpkins squirmed out, opening the door just wide enough for her to see a large mirror facing her, reflecting the bed and the side table.

Sasha didn’t want to look. Didn’t want to believe. Yet, There it was.

She watched in horror into the mirror. A pumpkin sat on the bedside table, a discarded t-shirt flopped on top of it. The pumpkin had a terrified expression, and a single carved eye socket dimly glowing, looking directly back at her.

She was one of them. She was a living pumpkin…

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