Story by Wolvun




“Are you ready?”


“Yes nurse, begin the procedure!”


“Shouldn’t we wait for the Good Doctor, nurse?”


“A small procedure. Nothing to bother the Good Doctor with.”


“Let’s begin then, nurse!”


“Nurse? Are you…sure that’s where that goes?”


“Um…um…oh! We’ll just tie it off with this…see, easy, easy!”


“Is it maybe better to wait, Nurse? The Good Doctor won’t be happy if…”


“A little touch up nurse. It won’t happen again, it’s fine, it’s fine!”


“Ah! Ooh noo, that’s supposed to be over there, nurse!”




“Nurse, your hand…”


“Bigger Oopsie.”


“It’s all going, it’s going wrong, nurse!”


“The Good Doctor is going to have our heads for this, nurse…”


“Um…um…hey it’s fine, look, if we work together, we can work this out…”


“We’ll be lucky if there is enough left of her to save…”


“Just turn her over. We’ll go in through the back!”


“We can do this, we can fix this!”


“Hold tightly please, nurse”


“Suctioning please, nurse.”






“Yes there! Get it out quick, before we make any more mistakes!”


“Hold tightly, nurse!”




“Ok….ok! Got it! We’ve done it! Phew!”


“Wonderful job, nurse! You were right, it was easy!”


“Now just sew that bit up, and patch this bit…”


“Will she be okay, nurse?”


“With some time and love, she’ll be as good as new!”


Sitting up and stretching, climbing off the table and putting on her uniform, wearing a twisted smile, just like the Good Doctor wanted, Nurse proceeded from the empty surgical theater. 


Her shift was beginning soon.