The Comfortable Chair

Guest Artist: Vex


She sat cramped and squeezed tightly into the box, hardly able to move a single muscle, every breath a strain. She was cramped so tightly into the box not designed to fit for humans, and taking up any other available space was the absent-eyed half body with her. It wasn’t aggressive, as such, but it would mindless bit and gnaw at her from time to time, the poor thing also seemingly helpless and lost, frustrated at the impossibly tight conditions.

With each pained breath and every time the confused teeth bit into her, she almost regretted her decision to come in here. But she reminded herself that she chose this. That it was better. To be left here in discomfort for an unknown amount of time, or to be comfortable in the chair for just a day.

She doesn’t regret her decision. Anything, other than sitting back on that chair…