The House Spider

Guest Artist: Spiderweber

Story by Anon

Rayanne dizzily opened her eyes, her head a foggy haze, a feeling of being comfortable in bed, but knowing something is dead wrong…

“Did I fall and bang my head or something? My body feels so heavy. I wish that screaming would stop so I can… wait what?”

Darting her head over her shoulder, she saw Elaine wide eyed screaming in terror as eight long, giant, angular legs wrapped her up in the smoothest of webs, a neat little package to be enjoyed later.

“Oh fuck, that is one massive spider!”

Heart hammering with unthinking desperation to pull her friend away from the creature, Rayanne tried to twist around and reach out an arm. She had not noticed the firm grip on her clothes and managed little more than her chest bursting out of her tight-fitted shirt. The comfort she mistook for a bed was a giant web, glued onto her every limb.

Immobile in the sticky silk, Rayanne tried to flail any limb that would respond to her, as Elaine was effortlessly scooped-up and carried out of sight, down the corridor into darkness, Elaine’s screams trailing off into the distance.

The only light and sound that remained were cackling pumpkinks, enjoying Rayanne’s terrified realisation that she would be just as helpless when the House Spider returned for her.